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Shunyam (Amsterdam, ageless)


Shunyam is an established artist in Amsterdam

The majority of Shunyam work reflects the same spark that originally inspired her to paint.
It is her aim to bring light and positivity into this world. This is however only one detail in her colourful and impulsive paintings.
Shunyams work is not limited to paintings (acrylic on canvas) and screen prints (4 to 18 colours). She receives a lot of requests for three dimensional objects: vases, plates, cups – even tables – and for the creation of total concepts.
Her work is considered to be highly collectable as she is recognized of being one of the Dutch leading ladies of art.

At first sight her work seems quite simple, but in fact it touches long forgotten spaces in ourselves. Even the titles which she gives to her work make you wonder and they inspire a lot of new energy.
She uses titles like: ‘The universe is mine’, ’Sitting on top of the world’, ‘Other dimensions’ and ‘I can fly’.

In short, Shunyam is an artist whose work is capturing on the spot and everybody will fall in love with her work immediately and this love, according to Shunyam, conquers all –
Omnia Vincit Amor.

Shunyams cheerful work is irresistible to any age. It is impossible to look at her paintings without smiling.
She calls her work ‘Up-Art’.
Up-Art depicts living being beneath the sun, pottering around on a globe floating among the stars in the universe.
Up-Art represents the energy of life, the force, the drive, the will of nature to flourish at all times in all places.
Up-Art is about being alive.
Up-Art ridicules gloom and outshines disease and death with its growth and vitality.

Based on one of Shunyams favourite creations, Arthur the orange pig, 4 books have been published, as well as a CD-ROM. A lot of other products featuring Arthur will be launched by various licensees: socks, t-shirts, candles, posters, postcards and many other products.